My Account & Profile

How Many Accounts can I have?

There is no limit to the number of simultaneous accounts you can create on KrabApple. The restrictions are that there can only be 1 account per valid email address. A valid email address is an email address that you can confirm using account confirmation.

Are there restrictions on names & usernames?

No. Although there is no restriction, we would like you to keep in mind that KrabApple does reserve the right to take action against any account that utlizes this freedom to attack, protray violent tendancies, and/or identify blatant discrimination against a specific group or person(s). Names/usernames intentionally made to target an indivdual, or group, for the sole purpose of insulting/threatening/attacking those individuals will fall under the same policy. In other words, do not generate names that are meant solely to insult or threaten a group/person basd on any federally protected classes.

How can I edit my profile information?

In order to edit your profile, simply go to Profile Settings and choose the section of information you would like to edit.

How is my profile information used by KrabApple?

KrabApple uses your information only to identify you. No information is provided to any third party appm organization, or agency. This includes government officials and law enforcement without valid cause. This ensures your data & privacy is protected for lawful reasons.

What is Verification, and do I need it??

Verification is a way to ensure that people who view your profile know it is really you. Typically, businesses and celebrities use this method to ensure that accounts do not attempt to parody them, and cause others to beleieve that the fake account is really them.

You do not require verification to use KrabApple.

You can request verification of your account in your Profile Settings located under the "Account Verification" tab. Be advised that requests are not guarenteed to be approved, and are based on the need to protect an account owner with such a process.