Accounts & Profiles

How do I create a KrabApple account?
Creating an account in KrabApple is very simple!

You can login with Twitter, which will create you an account on KrabApple using your Twitter avatar, and some basic information about you. (KrabApple will NOT be able to access any advanced information about you, including youe Twitter password.)

You can also click "Sign Up", which will pop up a registration form.

First Name: Enter a first name here.

Last Name: Enter a last name here.

Username: This will be your @username on the platform. This can be anywhere between 4 to 32 characters long. Special Characters (!@#$%^&*()_+) may be used.

Email Address: Enter a VALID email address here. Your confirmation email and any administrative communications will be done using THIS email address. KrabApple does NOT sell or provide your email address to any third-party vendors.

Password: Enter a 8-16 character password. Your password is CASE SENSITIVE and should contain at least 1 number and 1 special character (!@#$%^&*()_+) . Please write down this password.

Confirm Password: Re-type the password used above exactly as it appears to confirm the password.

Agree to TOS: Click this box only after you have read and understood the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. By registering an account and using our platform, you agree to these at ALL times.

Complete the process by clicking on the "Sign Up" button. You will then receive a confirmation email to the email address provided. Click on the "Confirm" link inside of the email to complete the process.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The email sent to confirm your account might end up in your SPAM folder on your email provider. If you have not received this email within 5-10 minutes after registering, then please check the spam folder prior to reaching out to support.
Is there a limit to the number of accounts I can create?
No. You can create as many accounts as you would like to, as long as the usernames and email addresses are different.

Be advised that you must still follow the Terms of Service for each account you own.
How much does a KrabApple account cost?
Your KrabApple account is FREE.

At NO time will your account cost anything to use and maintain.
How do I delete my KrabApple account?
Having a KrabApple account is optional, and when you delete your account you also delete all information, posts, comments, and replies you have done using that account.

To delete your account from KrabApple, go to your Profile Settings and scroll to the bottom.

Select "Delete My Account".

Confirm the action.

Your account is now deleted, and all information and posts/images/videos and other content will be removed.

WARNING: This action is irreversible, so please be 100% sure you wish to delete the account. Support will NOT be able to recover your account.
The blue checkmark has been a standard in showing that an account is the person/company they claim to be. Verification is not done for everyone, and is typically used when a celebrity or high level personality needs to protect their account from people impersonating them.

KrabApple has a verification process, which can be done by doing the following:

Scroll down to " Verification Request"
Fill in all the information
Create a video stating your name, and why you feel you need to be verified
Submit the request

The administrators will review the information and video provided within 1-2 business days after receiving the request. If they require any additional information, the administration will email you at the account email provided.

Be aware that a verification request does not automatically mean you will be verified. A denial of verification may occur for various reasons. If your request has been denied, and you wish to appeal the decision, you can contact with an explanation as to why you feel the denial was in error. Appeal responses can take up to 3-5 business days to process and the decision provided by support after an appeal is FINAL. Additional appeals after this denial will be discarded.
What's the text limit on the "About Me" area?
This area accepts a maxiumum of 140 characters. Please be brief describing you, or your account here.
Can I change my username?
Yes, you can change your username at any time using the following instructions:

Scroll down to "Username"
Delete the current username by highlighting over it and pressing "Backspace" or "Delete" on your keyboard.
Press "Save".
If the username is already in use, it will inform you that the username has already been taken.
Repeat entering a username until you provide a username not already in use.
How do I change my Profile Cover/Avatar?
To change your profile cover and/or avatar, please follow the instructions below:

>> Click on "Profile" on the left sidebar.

>> On the "Profile" page, the avatar and cover editors are in the header area.

1 - This is the avatar edit area.
2 - This is the profile cover edit area.

>> Hover over the area you wish to edit and a Camera Icon should appear.

>> Click the left mouse button.

>> A computer navigation window should open. Find the picture you wish to use on your computer and double-click on the image.

>> A progress bar will show you the status of the image upload.

>> Once uploaded, the new image will replace your old avatar/profile cover.

Profile covers can be adjusted/repositioned to show the image more clearly, or to bring emphasis on a specific area of the cover image.

>> Hover over the Cover Image in the profile header.

>> A 4-way arrow icon should appear next to the camera icon.

>> Click on the 4-way arrow icon.

>> Move the image around inside of the header area by clicking on and holding down the right mouse button, and dragging around the image until it is positioned properly.

>> Once positioned properly, release the mouse button.

>> Click on the checkmark icon to confirm the change.

>> If you do not want to save the changes, click the X icon instead. The image will revert back to it's prior position.

Once confirming, the image will save in that position until changed again.

Features & Options

Creating a Post
Making posts will be how you spend a lot of your time on KrabApple. Knowing how to create one is important, and if you follow the steps below, creating one will be simple:

Posts can contain more than just simple text. It can contain images, videos, links, emoticons, mentions, and other useful tools to help you reach a larger audience with your posts. Here is a quick overview of the features including with publishing that go beyond just a simple text post.

Images - You can add photos to your posts by utilizing this tool. Photos are embedded into your post, and you can upload multiple photos in a single post.

Videos - Videos can spice up your posts by adding an interactive and moving element to them. You can only have one video per post.

Emoticons - Emoticons show emotions and experiences in your posts and can be included into text posts to show emphasis, or feeling, to them.

GIFs - You are able to use animated gifs in your posts to bring them to life with experiences, emotions, and even humor if needed.

Outside of the normal additions to posts using the options, you can add the following special texts to any post you make:

Hashtags - Hashtags are search terms that identify a post as being associated with an interest. You can have any word in your post become a hashtag by adding the "#" symbol prior to the text being tagged, do not use spaces.

Mentions - Mentions tag users to a specific post. Adding users let them know they are part of the conversation, or alert them to the existence of the post. You can tag users by using the "@" symbol follower by the username of the person you wish to tag. You can tag as many users as you like.

URLS/Links - You can type the url of a page into the post (example: and the post will autolink the url, and show a preview of the information if available from the linked page.Also, if you use a youtube link from a video, it will embed the video from youtube into the post. Please make sure after posting a url, that you press the "spacebar" key on your keyboard to give it a chance to pull the link preview if available.

Polls - Polls help keep your audience engaged by asking questions and providing a list of answers, in which the followers can then vote on. Followers only get 1 vote each on a poll, but can change their vote at any time they would like.

Post Likes

Liking posts is a normality on social media networks these days, and shows that people are interacting with your content. So how do people "like" your posts?

Click on the ❤ icon below any post to like that post. This will also send a notification to the owner of the post that their post has been "liked" by you.

If the like is successful, you should see the icon filled in as red.

Sharing a Post

Sharing a post will ensure that others in your timeline and social followings will see the content. On KrabApple, this action is known as a Repost.

A Repost is a copy of a post that one of the people you follow has done. You will see the original post show on your timeline, with a tag above it that shows that you have reposted it. A notification will be sent to the person whos post it is you have shared on your timeline.

Posts which have been shared to external networks will not send a notification to the original owner of that post.

Performing a Repost can be done by doing the following actions:

    Locate the post you wish to repost.
    On the post, you will see a icon.
    Click on the icon to Repost the selected post.

Because of their nature as original posts, someone who is reposting your content on KrabApple is not violating content policies or breaking international copyright laws, they are simply sharing what you have posted. Therefore, if you do not wish to have others share your content, do not post it on KrabApple.

Create a Poll

Polls are an excellent way to find out what people think of an idea or opinion in defined format. Often times, a simple yes or no will suffice , rather than comments on the post. To make a poll is easy:

Yes, you can change your username at any time using the following instructions:

Click on New Post or located the publisher box at the top of the timeline.
Click on the icon.
Enter the options for the poll. If you wish to add more than 2 options, click on Add Option.
When you have finished adding all of the options you would like, then press "Publish" on the bottom of the publisher window.

Your poll will show the progress of the votes inside of the answers, with the more popular answers being filled with more colo than the others. Polls should be in good taste, and not attempt to collect any personal information about the user voting.

Setting Dark/Light Mode
Sometimes the platform can be too light or too dark for people to correctly view the content. Therefore, we have a Light/Dark mode switcher. To switch between these modes, do the following:

  • On the left sidebar, locate the More option.
  • On the dropdown menu, you will see Light Theme or Dark Theme depending on which mode you re using.
  • Click on Light or Dark theme option to change mode.

You mode should now be changed, and will remain that mode until you change it once again.

Photos & Videos

Adding Photos to your Posts
KrabApple, like many other social media platforms, allows you to add photos to your posts. Adding a photo is easy, and since you can add multiple photos, you can turn your posts into photo sliders! Follow the instructions below to add a photo, or photos, to your post:

  • Locate the "Add Image" icon on the publisher box, located here:
  • A window will open up displaying the media on your computer. Navigate to any photo you wish to upload and click on it. Select the "open" button at the bottom of the file explorer window. (If you wish to add more than one photo at this point, you can hold down the CTRL key on your computer keyboard and select multiple photos.)
  • Your photo preview will display below the publisher box:
  • Repeat this process for each photo you wish to add to your post.
  • When you have finished adding photos to the post, press the "Publish" button on the publisher box to create the post with images.

Be aware that your photos will show as a slideshow in the post you have created. Therefore, it will be able to be swiped left and right from the timeline, and if you click or tap on the image itself, it will englarge the image for better viewing.

Tip: Try to use images that are at least 250 pixels tall by 300 pixels wide for best viewing.

Adding a Video to your Post
Videos are becoming the new normal of content production and dispersal. Adding your videos to KrabApple is a very simple process, and can be done by doing the following:

  • Locate the "Add Video" icon on the publisher box. It can be found here:
  • Navigate the explorer window and locate the video you wish to upload. This video can be in AVI, MP4, WMV, or 3GP.
  • Click "Open" button at the bottom of the explorer window once you have selected the video.
  • Once the video has completed uploading, you will see a preview of the video:
  • Press "Publish" in the publisher box to post the video to your timeline.

Be aware that larger videos will take a longer time to upload, so do not worry if the uploading circle takes a little while to complete.

Also, the Maximum upload size of a video is 800MB. This means, a video over this size will fail to upload.
What quality format can my videos be?
KrabApple will support any video quality from 320p up to 4k. Be advised that the video quality affects the size of the video. Videos cannot exceed 800MB on the platform.
How large can my photos be?
Photos can be as large as 3000x3000 pixels. However, file size for photos cannot exceed 20MB. Typically, these constraints are fine for any photos added to the platform.
Is there a limit on the total number of media files?
No. You can have as many media files (photos and videos) as you would like on your account. Just be aware that abuse of the system could result in the files being removed.