One day after Governor Newsom fended off recall and secured the continuation of his reign..
Californians descended upon Los Angeles International Airport desperate to escape. As planes filled and people began getting turned away, mothers attempted to pass their babies over the fence of the tarmac, and others clung to the landing gear of the last departing planes.

The Pentagon has appeared to confirm a bombshell report claiming that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley conspired to undermine then-President Donald Trump’s military authority and warn the Chinese government of any impending U.S. attacks.

There should be a shoot on site order on him..

The number of illegal immigrants living under the Del Rio International Bridge along the Texas border has surged to more than 8,200 people awaiting processing from the U.S. Border Patrol as the situation grows “out of control,” according to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin.

Teacher (Josh Thompson, a teacher of English at Blacksburg High Schoo) Says 'Positive Behavior' Like 'Sitting Quietly,' 'Following Directions' Is White Supremacy..

Thompson also advocated for “spaces designated specifically for people of color.”

They have that already, it's called prison...

ME: Language
Kids Wearing MAGA Gear Troll Demented Joe Biden In Awesome Picture

Kids Wearing MAGA Gear Troll Demented Joe Biden In Awesome Picture - YouTube

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The person that hits the dot will deserve a ticker tape parade.. Fauci Calls for 'Many, Many More' Vaccine Mandates..
Fauci said part of the solution to reducing the virus’ spread is for Americans to rely on what he called “trusted public messengers who put aside political ideologies and convince people to get vaccinated.”

The alternative is for them to be forced to do as they are told, he said..

Do that and this will start to happen;

People will be forced to take up arms and start killing the political elites as told to do so by trusted private messengers..
Time to take the shot???

Do want to be an Ambassador??
Majority of President Biden’s nominees to ambassadorships thus far have been political appointees, frequently for big Democratic donors and key party players, at a rate higher than his predecessors. Biden nominees for ambassadorships have given a combined $3.2 million to Democratic campaigns..

Israel Amb. Thomas Nides Nides has donated almost $200,000 to Democrats..

France Amb. Denise Bauer She raised $4.36 million for democrats,,,,,
The list goes on and on..

Angry Biden blames Americans for his failures
headline "Biden Declares War on the 80 Million Unvaccinated Americans" To Biden, Americans are the bad guys. The terrorists and murderers who have been killing Americans are the good guys.  He is creating a presidential right to reach into every business in America. Also in response to the Texas abortion law, Vice President Kamala Harris said, "my body, my choice." However, President Biden believes that when it comes to COVID-19, the U.S. government owns your body – and he will make the choice. 

“Team members never share the same physical space with the gorillas, and all interactions take place on opposite sides of a barrier with social distancing in place where practical. Team members also adhere to strict PPE protocols and social distancing guidelines among themselves,”
Stricter precautions for them and they still got sick..

2 months ago he saisd this;

Biden: "I don't think it should be mandatory"

Psaki: "That's not the role of the federal government."


Time to introduce these people to a rope and a tree.. https://www.westernjournal...

Even Kamel toe VP Harris is against forced vaccination..
Biden announced Thursday that the vaccine will soon be mandatory for workers at private-sector companies with at least 100 employees..
The vice president’s words from an appearance earlier that same day, WERE; “When people are able to design their lives in a way that they can determine their own futures, we are a stronger democracy and we are a stronger nation,”

Time to take people like these and hang them in the front of the hospitals..

Levin stated: Joe Biden is the closest thing to a dictator America has ever had.. This is a man who is out of control. This is a fool with enormous power. The president's vaccine mandate is an affront to "your personal liberties" and represents a troubling nod towards a tyrannical government.

The latest Bull Shit from the commie house in DC.. and his co-harts in crime representing the New World Order...
Remember its rules for thee but not for me;

New rule #1 Congress and its staffers "ARE EXEMPT" from Joe Biden’s little Hitler-Esq “mask mandate."

New Rule #2 Congress and its staff "WILL BE EXEMPT" from the Biden vaccine/testing mandate..

New rule #3 Illegals coming across our border would NOT BE ‘mandated’ to get the vaccine..

How can you tell a radicalized muslim willing to blow you up or behead you, from a non-radicalized muslim??
Trick question, you can't...
It's like 1 or 2 poison M&Ms in a bag full... Would you risk eating any, or you dispose of the whole bag??

We want all Americans to welcome our new soon to be citizens being spread all across the USA according to Creepy, Sleepy, Phedo Joe...

My fucking ass... we need to do to them before they do to us...

Taliban celebrate beheading of police officer in grisly video

Remember in the begining..
At the very start of the "Coronavirus Outbreak" in Wuhan, China we saw that the mainstream media flooded our TV sets and radio stations with news of people just dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan. It looked like they were seizing and shaking.
It's so obvious now that China used actors for the start of the worlds biggest Psychological False Flag Operation in the name of Covid-19 and created a worldwide pandemic that would eventually shutdown and lockdown the whole world...

Just let that sink in

Never forget, this is how the NFL treated the 911 martyrs..

Every time I come across a lit candle I blow it out I make a wish...

This is what happens when you get old and jail doesn't scare you anymore..

Creepy, Sleepy, Phedo Joe needs to take a lesson from Mr. Jones..

I started stockpiling ammo when this PoS looked like he was going to become the president,, and true to my feelings I am glad I did... And his puppet Creepy, Sleepy, Phedo Joe is stumbling down the same path..

In memory of those that gave their lives saving others..
Never forget..